Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Frank Capra and the Lottery: Insulting a Classic

Remember It's a Wonderful Life? Frank Capra's 1946 holiday classic about the evils of greed, how one person can make a difference, and the importance of family and community?

Well, I am glad you did, because the individuals who run the lotto here in Canada sure didn't: today I was horrified to see the holiday lotto tickets go out for sale, and dear God, there is a ticket based on It's a Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed's faces smack dab on the front of it. In COLOUR.

I mean, come on! Look, its one thing to use crappy game shows as the basis for lotto tickets, but Capra deserves better. Seriously, this lotto ticket is a slap in the face to everything Capra's film stood for. Capra was all about people: material wealth was always a secondary concern in his work, and the industries and people that represented such greed were fair targets for criticism and vilification in Capra's works.

So, what is next? A Peanuts Christmas special "Money Money Money!" lotto ticket? How about A Christmas Story brand of turkey? Where the hell does it end?


Anyways, won't be another post till next week, as I am on a trip. Till then, have a great week!

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