Friday, February 19, 2010

Update: Plans for the Next Little While

Greetings everyone!

Well, we are getting near the end of the month, and it is probably best to go over the rough plans for the site for the next few weeks, assuming real life responsibilities don't get in the way.

First up, my plan is to write another Film Geek Flashback, this time looking back at TVO's Saturday Night at the Movies. It will probably be the last post for the month, so expect it closer to Friday the 26th. I have a few other ideas for future installments in that series as well, so you may see more than one in the immediate future.

Next, here are the films I hope to review in the next little while, in no particular order:

-The Thin Blue Line (Morris 1988)
-Bug (Friedkin 2006)
-Barry Lyndon (Kubrick 1975)
-2010: The Year We Make Contact (Hyams 1984)
-Moon (Jones 2009)
-Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths (Liu and Montgomery 2010)

Again, this list is always open to being changed should real life get in the way and/or if I come across other films I feel I need to write about instead. Expect one of these before the month is out.

Last, but not least, I would like to take a moment of time out to apologize for the occasional review that comes out with errors in grammar. I'd like to feel that it doesn't happen often, but when looking back on my work every so often, I find grammar mistakes that I cannot believe slipped me by, and that you, the reader, shouldn't have to put up with.

On a whole, I am not actually too bad with grammar when it comes to editing other people's work. However, the fact is that when it comes to my own work, I am often just too damn close to it, and/or have spent so much time working on it already that I just feel the drive to get the review out so I can get onto the next review. To quote Martin Blank, "that isn't an excuse, it's a reason."

The fact is I really need someone else with a good eye to edit my material, or wait for days on end till I can return to my work fresh. I am working harder to try and build time into my schedule to allow for this extra time for editing so that I can write, edit and post a review at a regular pace while still working the day job amongst other commitments. The fact is I love writing about film, and I always want to keep the conversation going. However, you the reader deserve better. I am going to do my best to achieve better.

Anyways, back soon with more reviews and new articles!

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