Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't Buy a Laptop. EVER.

Let me take you back nearly two years ago. After faithful service from my computer of six years, it was time for a new one after that many years of hard use. I had one last year to go to complete my third university degree, and I wasn't going to risk have my computer die on me midway through working on assignments.

Thus, I bought a laptop computer, which fit my needs perfectly: part of my program was working in the field, and having a laptop with my allowed me to travel and take my work with me at every placement. It served me well throughout that final degree.

Now, September 2009, my laptop, only one year only, dies on me, refusing to even start. Still under warranty at the big box store I bought it from, I bring it back to them and they send it away to be fixed. No big issue. It comes back, and I am told the fan wasn't working properly, causing it to over heat. They have repaired it, and tell me a list of things to prevent this in the future, which I follow, to the letter.

Two months later, it dies again. I take it back, and it is sent out again. This time, it is the motherboard that failed, which they fix. Fine by me.

Now, we are in January of 2010, and suddenly, the laptop dies, AGAIN. I take it back, they send it out. It comes back, and the motherboard is the reason for the machine not starting again. They tell me they have replaced the motherboard this time, and that the problem should not reoccur again. Fine.

Now, this past Friday night, I return home after being out for a while, and get on my laptop. Mid-conversation on Skype, the machine dies. AGAIN. Now I am ticked.

While I couldn't take it in person due to work commitments, my parents run it over for me, and a little detail comes up. It seems the motherboard was NOT replaced last time, despite being told so: it was only repaired. This time, they promise they will fix this for sure.

Yeah, right.

At any rate, I have learned my lesson to never buy from this store again. But more importantly, I will never buy a laptop again. For all its benefits, it has proven to be a massive pain in the butt, and I have no intention of suffering through this much crap ever again. It will be a desktop computer from now on.

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