Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Reviews!

Ok, due to a technical problem and a few real life things to sort out, my review has been delayed till Tues/Wed. However, here are some quick reviews I am posting for films I am either not intending to do full reviews of, or want to wait on them for.

Inception: Brilliant, brilliant film. I will review this in full once it hits DVD/Blu Ray so I can go over the film in detail. Till then, go see it!

The Other Guys - A good film from the crew behind Anchorman, and perhaps the most sly effort from the group, examining both modern conceptions of masculinity and how they tie into American concepts of wealth and success.

Escape from New York - ok, I have seen this film a million times, but the new Blu Ray looks fantastic. However, no extras? And what is up with the crappy menu system MGM?

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